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Geoff's Letter of (non)Apology

Installation at the Berkeley Center for New Media
University of California Berkeley
Sept - November 2015

Geoff's Letter of (non)Apology was a purposefully informal, bulletin-board style public forum for discussing accountability in regards to sexual and gender-based violence. Installed in the Berkeley Center for New Media's window space at UC Berkeley in the Fall of 2015, the project was a bold public statement prior to the #metoo movement.

The installation featured a blown-up letter by Geoff Marcy, an established astronomy professor who resigned after decades-long accusations of assault. I made revisions to the letter in red marker, enlarged it to be 3ft x 5ft, and posted it on the window alongside markers and an invitation to edit.

Located outside the bustling Moffitt Library, the letter was heavily commented after 6 weeks. The UC Berkeley administration requested that the Berkeley Center for New Media remove the installation, describing it as an "eyesore."


Following the forced removal of the installation, I created the Possum Impressions installation in the same window space.

Project advisor: Jadelynn Stahl
Supported by the Berkeley Center for New Media