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Lark, bike accident.

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Tattle-Tale Heart is a queer fictional short film about authenticity, privacy & connection in social media—all seen through the lens of the human heart. A dystopian portrait of blurring boundaries between body and machine, it’s based on an app that reads heart rate through your web cam, calculates your *true* mood, and posts it directly to your feed.

Everything After: Art installation & community organizing on UC Berkeley campus.

Tattletale Heart tells you — and everybody else — what your heart is really saying.
TattleTale Heart demo video by Lark Buckingham

Demo video

Hear what our customers have to say.

TattleTale Heart App by Lark Buckingham


Your life is becoming more and more virtual, so why shouldn’t your heart be? Tattletale Heart — the app — reads your heart rate through your webcam or phone camera, calculates your mood, and posts directly to social media.

TattleTale Heart design by Lark Buckingham


Our fashion necklace lets your heart shine! Tattletale Heart picks up signals from compatible heart monitors and displays heart data on a stylish LED matrix.

Health data for employers.
Discreetly posed as a business card holder, Babump (“bah-bump”) picks up signals from compatible heart monitors and displays health data on the back of the device. Now, you can track your employees’ cardiovascular system in real time.
Babump by Lark Buckingham

Babump 2016

Babump 2016 features a small camera at the front of the device, so you can monitor the heart rate of anyone seated at your desk, not just people who are already wearing heart monitors.

User Testimonial

Hear what our customers have to say.


Our elegant desktop interface allows for unobtrusive monitoring of employee heart rate.


Lecture at 2015 Berkeley EECS Annual Research Symposium: Working With Big Data
Meeglo senses your heart rate and glows as it changes. It’s a tool for heart-centered breathing, so you can learn to match your heart to your breath and balance your mind.
Meeglo is a start-up launching in 2016 with the support of the Foundry tech incubator. Lark and Janine Heiser are co-founders, with Levon Fox contributing to design.

Heart-focused breathing

Learn to breathe in resonance with your heart.

Exploring form

Geode design by Levon Fox.

Exploring Form

Gem design by Levon Fox.

Start-up booth

Meeglo at the Berkeley Innovation Fair.

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