▼△▼△ Lark VCR

aka. Lark Alder

BORN: Santa Ana, CA 1981

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Ohlone Land, San Francisco, US

GENDER IDENTITY: Glamsport / Genderfluid

PRONOUNS: They/Them/Theirs

illustration by Edgar Mojica


Lark VCR (aka Lark Alder) makes speculative proposals to explore the pitfalls and possibilities of an increasingly digitized and bioengineered world. Working in hybrid forms of video and web-based media, they leverage humor as an entry point to engage audiences in nondidactic cultural critique.

VCR stands for Virtually Conflicted Reality - it is both an homage to analog video and a skeptical nod at the techno-utopian promises of virtual reality (VR). Experientially, it is the state of perpetual disconnect we navigate as cognizant individuals who have no choice but to participate in systems defined by injustice.

Lark received an MFA from UC Berkeley in 2016 and is currently teaching courses at intersections of art, technology, and queerness at San José State University and Stanford University in their home state of California.




2017-now Lecturer, San José State University. Courses: Intro to Queer Arts, Digital Media Art / Creative Code, Advanced Video Production, Advanced Projects (Augmented Reality), BFA Capstone Exhibition, Intro to Digital Video Art, San Jose, CA

2021-now Lecturer, Stanford University. Courses: Queer Technology and Speculative Design, Intro to Art & Technology, Stanford, CA

2018-2020 PRIDE Center Faculty Fellow, San José State University. Curated QuArtz queer arts events and workshops, San Jose, CA

2017 Lecturer, SAE Expression College, Multi-Media and Web Development, Oakland, CA

2016 Lecturer, UC Berkeley, Courses: Video Production, 2D Digital Animation, Berkeley, CA


2021 "Queer Time, Productivity, and Failure in Interactive Media", Chapter in Interactive Storytelling for the Screen, Routledge

2021 “Honoring the Moon’s Otherwordly Presence – Virtual Moon Altar” Lark Alder in conversation with Denise Helene Sumi, On the Occult and Supernatural (Journal), Akademie Schloss Solitude

2021 Network Imaginaries, Publication by Hackers and Designers, article co-written with Xin-Xin


2016 MFA, Art Practice with certificate in New Media, UC Berkeley

2006 BA, Visual and Environmental Studies, Harvard University


2022 Lecture, Stanford Art + Tech Salon, Stanford University, CA

2022 Projection Mapping Jam!, workshop in video projection mapping with KT Duffy, Project Artaud, SF

2021 Panelist, Queer and Transgender Identities in Expanded Realities, Interactive Storytelling for the Screen Book Launch

2021 Panelist, On Female Prophecy Akademie Schloss-Solitude

2020 Experimental Chatroom Workshop, Hackers & Designers Summer Academy 2020: Network Imaginaries. Collaboration with Xin Xin

2020 Artist Talk, Tuesday Night Lecture Series, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

2019 Speaker, Code Kitchen, Parsons School of Art and Design, New York, NY

2019 Interview, State of The Art podcast with guest host Dorothy Santos

2019 Workshop Organizer, “Human-Computer Love: Liberatory applications for future sex technologies”, Gender Bodies and Technology Conference: TechnoLogics - Power and Resistance, hosted by Women’s and Gender Studies Program at Virgina Tech, Roanoke, VA, April 2019

2019 Panelist, “Playing with Ourselves: Examining Life Through Virtual Media”, Gender Bodies and Technology Conference: TechnoLogics - Power and Resistance, Roanoke, VA, April 2019

2019 Lecture/Presentation, “Incantation in Code,” Processing Community Day, sponsored by the Processing Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

2018 Visiting Artist Lecture, Forum Lecture Series, CSU East Bay, Hayward, CA

2018 Panelist/Presentation, “Human-Computer Love,” Gender, Sex & VR Panel, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

2018 Keynote, Creative Coding Fest (CC Fest), San Francisco

2018 Artist Talk, Talking Art: NEXTNEWGAMES, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA

2018 Panelist, Queer Technology Panel Discussion, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA

2018 Artist Talk, 'Virtually Living: The Tamagotchi Effect,' LASER Art and Science Series, San Jose State University (SJSU), San Jose, CA

2018 Visiting artist in discussion with “Queer Wiki” class, Mills College, Oakland, CA

2017 Artist talk, Living Room Light Exchange, Oakland, CA

2016 Artist Talk, 'Stake in the Heart,' LASER Art and Science Series, University of San Francisco, CA

2016 Artist Talk, Survivors' Symposium, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

2015 Lecture/Presentation, 'Big Data Meets the Beating Heart' Manufacturing Transparency Conference, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

2015 Lecture/Presentation, 'Health Data for Employers,' Graduate Research Hot Topics, Berkeley EECS Annual Research Symposium (BEARS), Berkeley, CA


2022 ooOoo, Video installation and interactive media, Fragile Solidarity (Conference and exhibition), Stuttgart, Germany

2021 KRAKEN, Video and interactive website, SURF, Et. al Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2020 Traumagotchi, Interactive website and installation, Invincible California, Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley, CA

2019 Humancomputerlove.com, Interactive website and installation, (Inter)Facing Digital Media Art Faculty Exhibition, Natalie and James Thompson Art Gallery, San Jose, CA

2019 The Lesbian Lexicon, digital photo, Hit Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2019 Humancomputerlove.com, Interactive website and installation, Gender Bodies and Technology Conference: TechnoLogics - Power and Resistance, Virgina Tech, Roanoke, VA

2018 Traumagotchi, Interactive website and installation (collaboration with Porpentine Heartscape), Queer Technology Exhibition, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley

2018 Traumagotchi, Video game and installation, NextNew Games, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose

2017 Traumagotchi, Video game and installation, Vital Hybrids, B4BEL4B, Oakland

2017 Culturally Competent Wiki, Website and installation, Vital Hybrids, B4BEL4B, Oakland

2017 FEMMEBOT.net, Creative Coding Intensive Group Show, Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, San Francisco, CA

2016 Tattle-Tale Heart, Film and installation, Third Party, CNTRL-SHFT Collective, Oakland

2016 Tattle-Tale Heart, Film and installation, Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley

2015 Geoff’s Letter of Unapology, Installation, Berkeley Center for New Media, Berkeley

2015 Opossum Impressions, Installation, Berkeley Center for New Media, Berkeley

2015 Meeglo, TattleTale Heart & Babump, Installation, Murphy-Cardogan Exhibition, SOMArts, SF

2015 Happy Toilet, Video installation, SGraffito, Oakland

2015 Babump, Installation, San Francisco International Arts Festival, Fort Mason, SF

2015 Babump, Installation and performance, Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley

2014 Slime Queen, Music and performance, Rainbow in the Dark, 15-city US performance tour

2014 Quick! Eat my diamond, Video and installation, WorkMore!, SOMArts, SF


2022 HEEL, Music with DIY synths and sensors, The Golden Bull, Oakland

2022 HEEL, Castro Art Capsule, SF

2022 HEEL, Queer Block Party, Project Artaud + Developing Environments, SF


2018 Tattle-Tale Heart, The Cinema of Gender Transgression Communal Shorts Program, Anthology Film Archives, NYC

2018 Happy Toilet, The Cinema of Gender Transgression TRANIMATION!, Anthology Film Archives, NYC

2017 Tattle-Tale Heart, Femmosphere, Schwules Museum, Berlin

2017 Tattle-Tale Heart, Boston LGBT Film Festival, Boston

2017 Tattle-Tale Heart, MIX NYC, NY Queer Experimental Film Fest, New York

2016 Tattle-Tale Heart, Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley

2016 Tattle-Tale Heart, TWIST Seattle Queer Film Fest, Seattle

2016 Tattle-Tale Heart, Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles

2016 Tattle-Tale Heart, Periwinkle Cinema, Artist’s Television Access, SF

2016 Slime Queen, CRIBS Music Videos, UMASS Amherst

2015 Kim’s Corner, Creative Growth Video Screening, The New Parkway, Oakland

2015 Happy Toilet, QueerFail Festival, Luggage Store Gallery, SF

2014 Happy Toilet, Frameline Film Festival, SF

2013 Happy Toilet, SF Transgender Film Festival, SF

2011 Fantastic Variety, Local Underground, Artist’s Television Access, SF

2011 Slime Queen, Experimental Half-Hour (TV Show), Portland Community Media, Portland


2020 Academie Schloss Solitude, Web Residency: Muntu Maxims, Online / Stuttgart Germany

2016 Investing in Artists Grant, Center for Cultural Innovation

2016 East Bay Fund for Artists Grant, East Bay Community Foundation

2016 Fellowship, UC Berkeley Department of Art Practice

2016 CITRIS Invention Lab Fellowship

2015 Peter Lyman Fellowship in New Media

2015 CITRIS Foundry Tech Incubator 2015-16 Cohort

2015 Murphy-Cardogan Contemporary Arts Award

2003 David Rockefeller Travel Grant