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Health Data for Employers

Discreetly posed as a business card holder, Babump (“buh-bump”) picks up signals from compatible heart monitors and displays health data on the back of the device. With Babump, you can track your employees’ cardiovascular system in real time.

Now you don’t just have to guess as to how your employees are doing. With Babump, you can backup hunches with real data.

Babump product shot

Watch our user testimonial — see Babump in action.

Launching Babump NX

Babump product shot

Babump NX will feature a camera capable of measuring heart rate by reading “micro-flushes”, small changes in color on a person’s face as their capillaries dilate and constrict. With this technology, Babump will be able to pick up the heart beat of anyone seated at your desk, not just people who are already wearing heart rate monitors.

Babump product shot