lark vcr

Tattle-Tale Heart

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digital video, 17min, 2016

Tattle-Tale Heart is a speculative fiction about authenticity, privacy, and connection in social media — all seen through the lens of the human heart. Characters dance on the double-edged sword of technological innovation as they navigate living under biosurveillence in this dark/light-hearted portrait of modern society and queer subculture.

Tattle-Tale Heart by Lark VCR
Tattle-Tale Heart by Lark VCR
Tattle-Tale Heart by Lark VCR
Tattle-Tale Heart by Lark VCR




Shawna Shawnté, Corazón de Fruta, Mona Wam, Raúl DeNieves and gage of the boone.




Crissy Bell, Vivi Veronica, Fina Velandia, Vanessa Christine, Abbi Schkloven, Sophia Kim, Cyd Nova, Ben Anjo, Christy Sandborg, Peter Headington, Lydia Brawner, Neelam Sahdev, Becca Cohn, Fjord Vox, Fecal Matter, and Granny



Story editor

 Nichole Herring




Aja Archuleta



Sound and Grip

Gentry McShane, Nica Ross, Edie Fake, Ciriza, Kendra Dorman, Levon Fox, Fjord Vox, and Granny



Sound Design & Re-Recording Mix

Kadet Kuhne



Motion Track Assist

Dillon Thomas



Songs by

Ajavision, Big Debbie, Judy Experience



Writer, DP, Director, Editor, Effects 

Lark VCR



Made possible by

Murphy-Cardogan Contemporary Art Award, CITRIS Invention Lab Fellowship, Berkeley Department of Art Practice, and the Foundry Tech Incubator